* Disclaimer: Please note that it is not my intention to violate any copyright or trademark laws. All of the characters I offer are GENERIC and are NOT to
be confused with licensed characters. My characters are not affiliated with any corporation or trademark and I make no attempt to market them as such.
The Ice Princess - Ice Queen's Sister - will arrive
in her travel outfit, complete with her signature
magenta cape.
She is spunky and fun and will make your party
unforgettable with her charm, beautiful singing
voice and great story telling
The Ice Princess - in her coronation gown and
her hair swept up will be a huge hit at your party!
She is fun, very spunky and will delight your little
guests with great dance moves and a super chilly
story of her courageous journey to save her
Invite Ice Queen to your party and
watch her melt your guests' hearts.
She will enchant your guests with her brave
story, beautiful singing and dance moves.
Your party is sure to be an icy blast!
Slipper Princess is a favorite of many children and
a cherished heroine.
She will arrive at your party in her beautiful blue
ball gown prepared to captivate your little guests
with her magical story.
Be the Belle of the Ball when the most
beautiful princess of all comes to your birthday
party. Beauty will arrive in her golden ball gown
and bring the magic of her enchanted tale alive
for your little guests.
Invite "The fairest in all the land"  to your party to
make your guests sing and smile! Snow Princess is
a timeless classic fairy tale heroine who is loved by
kids of all ages.
Sleeping Princess will arrive in her beautiful pink
gown and breathtaking operatic voice. She will
dazzle your guests with stories of medieval castles,
handsome princes and wicked witches.
Straight from the ocean (wearing her signature
fishtail and purple sea shell bra) to your party, she
comes prepared to astonish your guests and take
them on a magical undersea adventure. With
Mermaid Princess at your party, it's sure to be a
Green Pixie arrives in a swirl of pixie dust, ready to
transport your guests to Never - Never Land. Her
pixie magic and mischievous attitude will capture the
imagination and heart of any child, and inspire them
to try their very best to think happy thoughts.
Invite Wonderland Princess to your birthday party
and get ready for silliness and nonsense! Let's have
a spot of tea and see how she inspires her little
guests' sense of wonder.
Blue Pixie is a lover of everything water-related.
She will transport your guests to the land of Pixie
dust where anything is possible.
She is sweet and silly and will help make your party
Our Pearl Princess is friendly, kind and adventurous.
She will delight your littlest guests with her stories,
songs and love for animals.
She is the youngest of our princesses and will bring
lots of laughs and fun to your party!
Green Pixie
Blue Pixie
Sleeping Beauty
Mermaid Princess
Snow Princess
Ice Princess
Coronation Gown
Ice Princess
Beauty Princess
Slipper Princess
Undersea Mermaid
Our Mermaid Princess in her blue gown is sure
to delight all your little guests. Stories about
her underwater life, songs and games will make
your party an unforgettable experience!
Brave, spunky and fun Rapunzel Princess will
delight your birthday girl and all her guests with
her magical story of her escape, her creativity
and fun games. Her beloved chameleon Pascal
will be attending too!
Ice Queen
Rapunzel Princess
Pearl Princess
Invite the Troll princess to brighten up your
party with singing, dancing and HAPPY
Decorate with rainbows for a super fun party!
We recommend face painting as the main
activity so everyone can look like a Troll!
Wonderland Princess
Island Princess will sail into your party with a smile
and a song on her lips!
She is sure to delight your little birthday princess
and her guests with her story of brave travels and  
mythical encounters.
Troll Princess
Island Princess
Island Princess