Booking: Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. Please be sure to book your party in advance to ensure your desired
party date and time, at least 40 - 60 days in advance of party date. All bookings are done over the telephone or by email.

Payment:  We require payment in full in order to secure your date. Gratuity for your performer is not included, however greatly

Payment options: You can send a personal check or use PayPal for credit or debit card payments.

Refunds: If your party is cancelled with one week or more notice, we will refund 100% of your payment. If you cancel with less than
one week notice, we will refund 80% of your payment.

Liability: We strictly provide entertainment. We are not there to be a caretaker/babysitter. Please be aware that children of all ages
need to be supervised. We always treat your home with the utmost respect and care. However, we cannot be held responsible for
accidental damage caused by a guest or held liable if any children are injured during the event. If you have any precious
belongings please remove them from the entertaining area prior to the event.

Location:  Please note that all prices are based on events held in the Port St. Lucie area where our performers live.  
If your party location is in Fort Pierce, Stuart or Palm City, a travel fee of $10.00 will be added to your price.
If your location is over 20 miles, you will incur a $.75/mile charge round-trip (charges are based on data gathered from Mapquest). If
event is over an hour drive for our performers, we require a minimum booking of a 90 min package.

Q: What do you do for boy guests?
A:  Princess Enchantment offer a variety of boy oriented  face painting and crafts for the young princes, knights or pirates
attending.  They can also participate in story time, games, dancing and sing alongs.

Q: Can you entertain outdoors?
A:  We do entertain outdoors from November to February. Unfortunately, during the months of March through October we do not
perform outdoors.  We own beautiful gowns and wigs that help us bring to life all of our princess characters, however FL weather is
very hot and humid and our gowns and wigs are not forgiving. Also, the performers might overheat and suffer health consequences
of heat stroke or worse. Our apologies for the inconvenience and Thank you for understanding :-)

Q: What do I do with my pets?
A: Please put pets outside or in a room during your princesses visit, I understand some animals are more calm than others but I
must be fair and above all cautious, Thank you.

Q: What are the ages you accommodate?
A: Recommended for ages 3-7.  However, this is not a requirement.

Q: Do I need to tip my performer?
A: While certainly not mandatory, gratuities are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Q: How much space do your activities require?
A: We will work with whatever amount of space you can provide. Additional space can be created by pushing the furniture against
the walls or even clearing some from the room. For our princess routine, we require enough space for the children to sit around
your princess on the floor.

Q: What do we need to provide?
A:  Crafts can be done on an open space on the floor, just lay down a clean sheet or table cloth and I'll take care of everything else.
For face painting I require a table and 2 chairs (1 for me and 1 for child) for my routine.  

Q: Do you need time to set up?
A: Princesses will arrive at your scheduled time for your chosen package routine. We begin immediately upon arrival. Our only
set-up is locating your entertainment area.  We can not go back on activities for late guests (example if princess is finished with face
painting and is now in the middle of crafts, she can not stop in the middle of that activity to do face painting for a late guest). A
suggestion is to book your princess a half an hour to an hour after the actual party start time so that all late guests can participate.

Q: What happens if I have to cancel the party?
A: In the event you have to cancel, Princes Enchantment will gladly arrange another date for your party as long as respectable
notice is given.  Please keep in mind that if you cancel less than a week from your party date, only 80% of your payment will be
refunded. Your payment, however, can be applied toward another party if held within 90 days of the original party date.
* Disclaimer: Please note that it is not my intention to violate any copyright or trademark laws. All of the characters I offer are GENERIC and are NOT to
be confused with licensed characters. My characters are not affiliated with any corporation or trademark and I make no attempt to market them as such.